“Building Energy Online Data Monitoring (BEDOS)” System is a system designed to monitor the energy usage by consumer/building owner.

Energy consumer/building owner will be able to publish their energy consumption by this system.

BEDOS able to provide historical energy consumption data display and analyze the data to provide energy report. Apart from energy consumption, it is also allow users to establish energy baselines and trace energy saving performance to help consumer manage energy usage.

BEDOS system also provide consumer/building owner to;

  • Building Registration (capture building information);
  • Submission of the monthly building electricity consumption;
  • Generate report (but not limited to) regarding energy consumption, carbon emission, energy saving in chart and able to be exported into csv format; and
  • Data migration from previous manual data collection (excel)

The system provide platform for the application of Sustainable Low Carbon Building Assessment GreenPASS, a voluntary program that appreciate the sustainable energy low carbon building initiatives by any consumer/building owner.

Sustainable Low carbon Building (LCB) performance certifications is to give an environmental evaluation of building performance based on energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions.

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